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Welcome to Topline Performance!

As a professional business development firm we have spent thousands of hours providing coaching, training and guidance in leadership, management, sales, customer service, team building and critical hiring decisions for outstanding business results.

The heart of our work is the Topline Performance Profile. Based on Nobel Prize nominated research, this unique assessment has been valued, and validated, by the biggest companies in the world, among them:

  Merrill Lynch GTE
  IBM Ford
  U.S. Navy FBI
  NASA New York Yankees

The Topline Performance Profile measures and provides critical, objective and accurate information about ones thinking and decision making. It is not a behavioral or personality profile.

To learn more about why we've been so impressed with client results using this unique science as the heart of our client work, click here to view a case study.

To view the types of assessments available through the Topline Performance Profile click here.

Our assessments are customized to help you determine the capacity and development needs of your:



•    Management
•    Sales Team
•    Customer Service
•    Hiring & Promoting
•    General Employablity

Now, with our new Benchmarking for Performance process, you can hire specifically for your unique business and culture.

Click here to view a case study, and see an example of how we recently saved one company 28% on their cost per hire.

How would a 28% savings improve your bottom line?


FREE OFFER: We invite you to partner with us, in a preliminary Benchmark study of your top performers. You may participate in this Benchmark, at no cost to you.

We are making this offer because, once you experience the uniqueness and accuracy of our process, we are confident you will understand its value to your company.

To take advantage of this offer, complete the form to your left.